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Peterson Of Dublin

It was Ronnie’s old-school tobacco pipe that instantly caught our eye, we must admit. He had taken some of his paperwork out of the confines of the office, and was enjoying a quick breather outside when we first set eyes on him. Then we also noticed his well-pressed shirt and pants, and smart glasses, and that sealed the deal. “My style has become more personal and distinct over the years,” Ronnie shares. “I now wear what I feel comfortable to wear, and not copy others. The cut of the clothes is my number one priority, and I prefer plain colours or intricate patterns for shirts, while patterned ties are good and help to set off a discreet shirt.” His eye for design extends to his hobby as well; Ronnie has a fondness for rare fountain pens, and among his collection are “two beautiful Montblanc pens with an Asian theme, including a prized ‘Imperial Dragon’.” Such a carefully trained eye, and, perhaps, an equally refined outlook on life can only come with experience, as Ronnie should know — if he could go back in time and speak to his 16-year-old self, he’d tell him that it gets better. “There is no-one I know who wasn’t happier at 26, 36 or 46 than they were at 16. It’s tough being a teen.” Life is a constant learning journey for Ronnie, even now, and he says that at this moment, he’s making a conscious effort to think about others, rather than just himself — “hard for an only child!”

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