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This is the second time we’ve bumped into Hazel in Raffles Place, and she’s pulling off a completely different look today. She’s lopped off her hair, and gone for a monochromatic ensemble with a voluminous skirt, but there’s no denying that this lady can pretty much make any outfit work for her. It seems that she’s been busy during this time, too, telling us that aside from her day job, she’s also got her hands full working on an exciting project with her best friend. “My main goal for the year would be to successfully launch our Fin-tech startup that focuses on B2B payments for SMEs in Singapore,” Hazel says. “The platform is still in the midst of reiteration, so it’s been a pretty busy year for us so far.” Although things might be getting hectic, Hazel keeps some advice from her dad in mind — “everything in moderation” — and tries to settle down at the end of a tiring day with a nice glass of wine. Here’s hoping she’ll have some good news to share when we next see her.

Hazel was previously seen here.

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