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Where are you from and what brings you here?
I’m from the United States (US). I just moved here last month and I really like it. I previously lived in Singapore for one and a half years and decided to come back this time for personal and professional reasons. My girlfriend is Singaporean and she wanted to move back, and I wanted to move back with her. I did a lot of tech stuff in the US so I think there are a lot of interesting opportunities here.

What do you do? What inspires you to do this day in day out?
I do B2B sales for tech. You get to meet a lot of interesting people and work with a lot of smart people. I think there’s still a lot of technology adoption that’s happening around here, even more so than the US, I’d say. It’s very exciting.

Tell us something people don’t really know about you.
I’ve lived in many countries and my favourite country is probably Singapore. I think a lot of people who grow up and live in Singapore take it for granted. If you’ve lived in a lot of other places, you really appreciate that Singapore’s pretty awesome. There’re a lot interesting things around here. It’s also very convenient as a base for traveling in the region.

Scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Bungee jumping in New Zealand. I’ve done both skydiving and bungee jumping and I’d say bungee jumping is a lot scarier, because you see the ground right there. For skydiving, you just jump, and then you’re floating. The ground doesn’t come at you that quickly.

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