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I lived in New York for six years, and just moved back.
New York is amazing when you’re young and not so amazing when you’re older! (laughs) People there work hard and play even harder so the energy there is amazing and the drive is endless. I really enjoy the opportunities that I find back here in Singapore and Asia though. I can also see myself contributing a lot more which makes living here very meaningful. I think about New York for inspiration and ideas but Singapore is where I feel I want to contribute in my own way.

I run my own business now.
I recently quit my job as an events marketing manager at Facebook and am currently working on my dried flower business. We create dried flower arrangements as well as flower-based products. We’re also working with an Indonesian artisan maker to come up with our own scented candles with our dried flowers incorporated into them.

Something I’d tell my younger self:
Don’t worry too much as everything will work out.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Going to Mount Everest in Tibet during winter. Altitude aside, the roads were icy; our car skidded and a wheel was hanging off the cliff. I basically thought I was dead at that point! I was ready to jump out of the car but the sherpa told me not to; if I had done so, I might have knocked off the balance. He kept accelerating, a miracle happened and we managed to get back up in the end.

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