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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I’m a mother of three. My oldest just turned 10 last Monday and my youngest turned six two weeks ago. We’re busy with our lives in Australia, and because I’m Singaporean, we come back to Singapore once a year to meet my family.

Some things I’ve learnt from my children:
I’ve learnt to be patient, and realised that parenthood is not as easy as a book says. You can’t look for step-by-step instructions and it’s a different learning experience with each child.

Describe your dream home.
I think I’m already living in a dream home, and I don’t expect to move anymore. Our home’s very close to my children’s school so I walk them to school everyday. Since we live in the suburbs of Perth, there’s plenty of nature—there’s a park and a beautiful lake behind our home, so we can see a lot of beautiful birds, and go for jogs and walks in the morning there as well.

What is something you’re currently working on?
Baking bread actually—the soft kinds that you get from bakeries. I’m trying to work my way around those.

What’s one thing you wish you had more time to do?
I wouldn’t say travelling but I would like to explore Japan and Korea a little bit more, because I’m somehow more inclined to those two places and I love the food there. I love spicy food, and I try to cook a lot more Korean food at home as well. Also, if I had foreseen the whole Korean wave I’d like to maybe teach English in Korea. Explore more rather than just settle down early—not that I don’t love my husband! (laughs)

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