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What are you currently doing?
I used to be a trader in the United Kingdom before relocating to Sydney to do that for a year. I got bored after a while—I was just dealing with numbers and money, and I wanted to do something more creative so I went to publishing and advertising, which is what I actually love. Now I run a team here in Singapore and back in Sydney, so I fly between the two.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
People say that I have good dress sense—it’s very outstanding and the clients love it. I’ve got about thirty jackets, for which I actually have a wardrobe specially made in my office in Sydney. I’ve worn some pretty noticeable things, such as a pink jacket.

What do you do in your free time?
I love martial arts—I do Muay Thai, four days a week. So I get up at 5.30AM, do an hour and a half and ace it every other day. I’ve done martial arts like judo and jujitsu since I was about twelve, but Muay Thai is just everything. It’s awesome because basically every part of your body is like a weapon and the workout keeps you really fit. I love it and I’ve been doing it for thirteen years now. I also like to go for rides on my motorbike.

Share a lifehack.
Life is just about being happy. It’s to make sure you do something that gets you up in the morning. I’m loving my job at the moment and I’ve never been happier doing it for five years. I’ve never had a Sunday evening where I think about the upcoming work week and dread it, so that’s pretty cool. If you find something like that, why not do it?

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