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In a multicoloured plaid shirt and electric blue pants, it was hard not to spot Elton in the crowd.  Elton loves to go sailing, and perhaps it’s no coincidence that he’s dressed in the colours of the sea. His love for the ocean does not stop there; he is currently working as a ship broker, which is his dream job and “one and only job so far”. From Mondays to Thursdays, Elton’s workwear usually consists of shirts and pants, but come Friday, he gets to dress more casually. He is a strong believer that comfort is key when it comes to dressing up for work, and advises guys to get a Brydon Brothers belt. “They’re stretchy, which is perfect after a big lunch,” he says. In his free time, Elton likes to read — specifically, the Pendergast Series by Lincoln and Child — and goes yachting with his family on most weekends. When we asked him what he would do if he could choose, Elton would still opt for something marine-related. “I would love to sail around the world on a yacht.”

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