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One glance at Joy and you know she’s got her style all figured out. From her eye-brow flaunting bangs, to the draped silhouette of her maxi, to her punchy printed wedges: Joy’s outfit accentuates her personal style of being “edgy with a focus on sleek lines”. “I am hugely practical,” Joy says. “I want to be comfortable and on-the-go at work, so I start with my footwear. On days with heaps of walking or meetings, it would be my favourite sneakers or boots, and then I work my way up.” Joy is currently with a design firm, bringing together her eye for aesthetics with her expertise from a corporate business background. “I love my job. I get to work with my husband, see him all the time, and build something together. Our colleagues are fab too, and it’s great to be surrounded by likeminded people.” Still, Joy reminds us that it is also important to balance work with our personal lives. “It’s simply needful to get good rest. We often get off work by 6.30pm, with enough time to head home and cook a lovely pasta, or head out to meet friends.” At the heart of it all, Joy believes in looking beyond the present and living life to the fullest. “Ultimately, there is great peace and satisfaction in knowing we can’t bring anything to our graves, and to keep having an eternal perspective — one that looks upwards.”

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