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“It’s the Yah-Leng style,” Yah-Leng playfully says of her usual dress sense. “I am not the feminine type, so if you need to describe it, it’s the ‘boy style.’” Nonetheless, she still sees the importance of dressing appropriately for any occasion. “How one dresses for work shows how much he or she respects his line of work,” she says. “I love my work and my workwear will express that, and it will reflect my mood for the day. I think everyone should try to do that.” This means that if Yah-Leng knows she has to roll up her sleeves for the day, she’d be in overalls or utility pants; if she needs some deep focus, she’d put on her cap. “Okay, my thinking cap, if you may! Just have fun with dressing up or down.” As a designer at Foreign Policy Design Group, Yah-Leng loves that she is able to envision, create and shape a voice or personality for a brand or business. “I love the challenge of coming up with good ideas that will steal the hearts of the beholder. I am especially driven by projects with great aspirations and potential; I hope to grow these projects and bring them to greater heights.” If she wasn’t a designer, Yah-Leng says that she might have become an Anthropologist or Historian. “I am a geek when it comes to digging up history, cultural roots, humanity, researching linguistic history and evolution, culinary roots and influences, and compiling family histories.” If she could do anything, she jokes, “I want to be a landlord — I’m currently pissed with mine. But seriously, I think I’d still want to be a designer.” Not that it’s all smooth sailing, however; she often has trouble managing her work-life balance. “I think some of my friends have given up on asking me out! But time with my parents is super important to me — I try to visit them once a week, although sometimes I don’t see them for a whole month because of my travel schedule.” The one thing Yah-Leng has learnt from her time at work: work hard. “If you want to reach your goal, there’s really no shortcut. Use a lot of common sense; it has served me well.” There’s still a bit of a dreamer in the realist, however, as she adds, “Dreams do come true. Keep on dreaming; don’t stop dreaming.”

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