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Adib describes his style as “style-unconscious”, and his look is often made up of his trusty basics: Levi’s commuter jeans, a simple plain t-shirt, a pair of colourful socks, and Converse sneakers. “It’s what I feel most comfortable in and it’s versatile enough for everything,” he says. “I’m the last person you should ask for fashion advice.” Sticking to well-cut basics is a great tip, however, and it’s something that works for everyone. Adib is an urbanist and placemaker at Shophouse & Co.; his job involves turning spaces into meaningful and memorable places, beyond just its physical design. “I want to be able to make the city a better place to live in for my community, and perhaps inspire future generations,” he says. “I get to work with a very diverse range of people, and get exposed to a whole range of disciplines. There aren’t many careers out there that allow that.” The perfect workplace, to Adib, is one that has plenty of greenery and natural light. “Someplace quiet, except for the sound of nature, naturally ventilated but cooling. I do my best work when I feel connected to nature.” Balancing work and life has been alright for him so far, he says. “To me, the key is learning to recognise what is more important to you, and making your choices based on that. Sometimes I ask myself, “Will this matter in the long run?” and the answer often emerges quite naturally.” The best advice he’s ever received was courtesy of a poster that was hung on the wall of a firm that he used to work for. “It says ‘Work hard, and be nice to people.’” Other than that, there’s something else that Adib aspires to each day, some days better than others: “Be present. Be grateful. Be better.” We think he’s well on his way.

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