The Shirt Dress






Drawing attention with her lanky frame and mint crayon-green shirt doubled as a dress, Olga was in the vicinity for a casting when we spotted her. With her relaxed, fuss-free attire and hair haphazardly tied up hair, she carries the laid back, nonchalant look with ease. The last book she read is The Empire of the Angles and favours house, electronic and drum & bass when it comes to music. Olga is Ukrainian.

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  • It’s an okay photo (except for her horrible skinny model legs), but isn’t a shirt dress where they wear a shirt as a dress (like The Sartorialist, a really great streetstyle site you guys should check our for some inspiration and perhaps pointers on how to make your site better.. here), not a shirt over a dress? I think she’s just wearing a normal shirt with a normal dress :/

    Looking forward to seeing you guys improve, early days still!

  • Hi Geraldine

    Thanks for your feedback. We are fans of The Sartorialist as well and will definitely seek to improve the quality of our site.

    With regards to the shirt-dress, thanks for taking time to point that out. We agree with you on that- in the conventional sense of what a shirt dress is. But we think that the interpretation is fluid, like how style is fluid. In this case, Olga has layered a shirt over a dress indeed- probably because the shirt is too sheer and cannot be worn on its own. She is thus interpreting a shirt as a dress, which is why we think it can be considered a shirt-dress, in her own terms.

    That’s just our take on it and we don’t think there’s any right or wrong to this!

    Thanks for time and feedback anyhow and hope you’ll continue to visit our site. Feel free to keep the comments flowing;)