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How long have you been in Singapore?A few months. I followed my husband here and just started my job doing marketing in the real estate industry. So far it’s good. Overwhelming, but in a good way. Before that I was in the financial sector, so real estate is more live and exciting. I’m working on hotels, so to me that’s sexier.

What is the biggest difference between Singapore and Paris, where you’re from?
I feel that Singapore is much more family-oriented, whereas Paris is definitely a bit crazy. There’s lots going on, too many restaurants. People work hard here, and in France they have lots of vacations.

Something interesting about me:
I used to be a student flight attendant. They actually hired flight attendants for the summer in Air France. The most interesting place I’ve been to is Conakry in Guinea. We ended up on a beautiful deserted island, visited markets with ebony wooden craft, and met friendly Lebanese entrepreneurs who invited us to their restaurants and clubs.

One skill I’d love to master:
I’m half Norwegian, and would love to master the language. I can speak it to get by with my family, but I’d love to be perfectly fluent in the language in order to use it for work.

If I didn’t need to sleep:
I’d get myself a French bulldog as I’d finally have the time to take care of it.

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