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Share with us something interesting about you:
The only genres of music I listen to are rap music, and show tunes.

If there was a song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
Stronger by Kanye West. It’s a memorable tune, and I like the lyrics.

Describe your sense of style:
I like being casual and comfortable, so I’m glad that I get to work in a creative field.

We see you’re a wearing a Fitbit—do you work out a lot?
I do, I try to go for F45 classes regularly. I’ve always been active—I used to play softball in school, and since I started working I’ve been trying to not spend all my time in a chair.

What’s something that isn’t usually taught in schools, but that everyone should learn?
Being empathetic to others’ needs. As we go through working life, I think learning to feel for and understand others is really important for building relationships and going far in your career.

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