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Tell us where you’re originally from and how long you’ve been working in Singapore.
I’m from Osaka, Japan but I now live and work in Tokyo, while also running my private hair salon in Singapore called Uni Hair Design Lab.

Before its opening last year, I’d already worked in Singapore for five years, but I became bored as the fashion culture is very slow to grow, unlike in Japan. Now I go back and forth between the two countries so I get to study the Japanese fashion culture and apply my skills here.

I’m back this time round for about three weeks. I do still enjoy my time in Singapore as I don’t like cold weather. The people here are also very friendly and there are so many handsome guys and pretty girls! (laughs)

How did your interest in hairstyling start?
My mum is a clothing designer so I’ve always been into fashion. I didn’t want to be a designer, so I chose hairstyling as I like coordinating different hairstyles to different fashion styles.

What kinds of hairstyles are your favourite to work on?
I love the Harajuku fashion culture—everyone is so bright and colourful! So I like to bleach and dye hair into different colours. Even in Singapore, many of my customers are cosplayers who go for bright coloured hair.

What’s your favourite activity to do in Japan?
Surfing in summer and snowboarding in winter.

Likewise, what do you enjoy doing when you return to Singapore? 
When I’m not working, I like to go drinking with friends. My salon is located at Tanjong Pagar, so I usually hang out at the many drinking spots there. Singapore has many craft beers which I really like.

How would you describe your personal style?
I like streetwear, tattoos, and piercings.

There isn’t really a tattoo culture in Japan because tattoos are considered bad and often associated with the Yakuza (gangsters or members of criminal organisations), even though the mindset about tattoos has changed worldwide. Tattoos are now a part of fashion culture so I’d recommend people to get them if they want to—but ask your parents first! (laughs)

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