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Steve Madden

Tell us about the most memorable trip you’ve had.
I just went to Myanmar earlier this year, for Chinese New Year. They have the most beautiful people I’ve ever met—they’re so nice and kind. You know how they say that Thailand is the land of smiles? I think that’s a lie—I think Myanmar has the nicest people in the world. I’m from Latin America where people are really friendly, but the Burmese are so lovely.

A staple in my wardrobe:
This is my interview outfit. These are my favourite pants! (laughs) When I lived in Washington, D.C., everything was very corporate, strict, and formal, but Southeast Asia is a bit more relaxed. Sometimes a tee-shirt and jeans are not enough if I want to dress up more, but for interviews you can’t wear big earrings or necklaces; you have to be simple.

Ideal work uniform:
Colourful earrings and dresses, and tropical prints. If it was winter, my go-to outfit is all-black, I think that’s just a bit more stylish. But when you’re in the sunshine, like in this weather, I like colours and tropical stuff. I think that Singapore is like a tropical New York; it has really inspiring architecture too.

If you could travel back in time, what period would you like to go to?
A place like Troy, or those historical times. Now they’re just really big archaeological sites, but I want to see them when they were fully built. But if I could travel back in time, I’d like to be a man because women had no rights back then—it’d be horrible to go back as a woman.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
If you want to do something, just do it. You can have a lot of ideas—writing a blog, creating a business or startup—and they can all be great. But if you don’t risk doing any of them, they’ll just be ideas, nothing tangible. So the best way to create something is to just do it. You might fail but you can always learn. It might sound like Nike’s slogan, but it’s true.

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