How would you describe your sense of style, pre- and during Circuit Breaker?
I’ve always treated fashion as a means of self-expression, so what I wear is often a response to what’s going on in my life at that point.

Even now, when I look back at the outfits that I used to share on my Instagram, I remember my state of mind at that moment in time. For example, when I feel stable and comfortable, I tend to wear more experimental or impractical clothing to remind myself to keep it weird. Or when I was at the peak of my running obsession, I wore Nikes everywhere, even when I was going for a nice dinner, a night out, or to work.

And in this season of unfamiliarity, I’ve been gravitating towards comfortable and tried-and-tested clothes—for me, that means lots of pre-owned and baggy pieces. There’s something comforting about wearing clothes that have had another life before me. I guess it reminds me that life goes on, no matter how crazy things get sometimes.

Share with us a little more about your favourite corner at home.
These days, I’ve been trying to spend time outdoors whenever I can. I go on long walks or runs, and then I spend even longer cooling down at this spot just outside my house. This is also where I see my dad reading his newspapers every morning without fail, and that’s always a comforting sight.

What’s something you find that you’ve been able to make time for during your time at home?
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my future to look like, and speaking to more experienced friends or mentor-figures to learn more from their journeys. Socialising from home also reminded me to spend more time catching up with friends abroad, or whom I don’t meet with in person as regularly as I’d like to.

You have an ongoing collection of banana stickers—tell us about this project!
I think it started when I went through a phase of eating a banana every day. It’s always been one of my favourite fruits. 

One day, I happened to look at the Aloha banana sticker more closely and I thought it was really cool that the design looked like a dabbing nun (from the limited research I’ve done, it might be some sort of traditional folk dancer).

I’m also fond of repeated graphics and patterns, and since the design of the stickers (specifically the Aloha brand ones) hasn’t changed in years, it’s been oddly satisfying to collect them. Honestly, I can’t fully explain it in words, but it’s just shiok to collect lah. (laughs)

We know you’re quite the bread enthusiast—if you were a type of bread, what would you be and why? 
I love all kinds of bread, but if I were a type of bread, I think I would be anything sourdough. The kind of bacteria that grows in every sourdough starter is different, making the end product unpredictable, experimental and sometimes, just plain weird. 

What’s something you’ve learnt during Circuit Breaker?
No matter how much you plan, there are some things you can’t control—and when that happens, it’s even more important to be clear of your priorities. Once you do that, it’s easier to go with the flow without feeling aimless or helpless.

It’s been a year full of changes: what’s one change you hope to bring into your own life by the end of the year?
I want to be more disciplined about my morning routine. This has been a struggle with working from home, because there is less structure to my day. I hope I’ll be able to establish a new routine to raise my energy levels, so I can commit more to other interests like ceramics, writing for leisure, and baking.

Is there a mystery or a conspiracy you’d love to know the answer to?
There’s two:
1) Did Carole Baskin kill her husband?
2) What exactly is the design on the Aloha banana sticker supposed to be?

Zenn is featured as part of our ongoing #ShentonistaScreenstyle series, where Shentonistas are shot in the comfort of their own homes. All pictures featured here have been taken by Zenn herself.

Know anyone you’d like to nominate for our #ShentonistaScreenstyle feature? Get in touch with us 🙂 

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