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You recently got married—what do you think has been the biggest change in your life since then?
Being more intentional with the way I plan my finances and my time. #Adulting, amirite?

What’s something you’ve learnt about your other half over the Circuit Breaker period?
I learnt that my husband really does care about quality time spent together, more than he lets on, and I think he learnt that I ain’t that bad at cooking. (laughs)

Tell us more about your favourite corner in your home.
Taking care of plants is something new and exciting to me. I get to arrange the plants and play with the look and feel of my home. Other than that, I like to simply sit down and stare at the details of the plants. My husband thinks it makes me a plant creep, but I’d like to think they like the attention.

The best part of your typical WFH day is:
Shutting down my computer, stepping away from deadlines and chillin’ with my husband. 

What’s the first place you headed out to at the beginning of Phase 2?
The hair salon. 

You’re a dancer—share with us a little more about your love for dance.
I’ve loved dance since I was young: my parents enrolled me in ballet for a short while and that’s how it started. My grandma used to sew some “costumes” for me and I would perform Hit Me Baby, One More Time at home (laughs). My parents then got me into tap dancing and I kept signing up for different dance stuff from then onward.

Dance is a special thing. When I’m dancing on stage with my friends, I feel connected to them. Recitals are one of the greatest bonding and life-training experiences ever. You learn more about your friends, and you learn how to be a team player. A lot of my work ethic comes from my dance experience. Dance is also my safe space, especially when I’m dancing alone.

Do you have a go-to show that you revisit regularly?
I love rewatching Modern Family and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’m not sure why, but it’s one of those brain-dead but feel-good shows that I like to watch when my mind is cooling off. I’ll be trying The Office next.

What’s a habit you had in the past that you’ve lost touch with?
Dance. It’s good to keep practising and training, just like anyone would with their hobbies. But frankly, on most days, I don’t have the time or energy.

If you had to choose just three songs to make up the soundtrack of your life, what would they be?
Come Out And Play — Billie Eilish
Life — Hillsong United
Stand Still — Sabrina Claudio

Anette is featured as part of our ongoing #ShentonistaScreenstyle series, where Shentonistas are shot in the comfort of their own homes. All pictures featured here have been taken by Anette herself.

Know anyone you’d like to nominate for our #ShentonistaScreenstyle feature? Get in touch with us 🙂 

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