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You’ve worked as a cabin crew member for 10 years—what’s the most memorable experience you’ve had on a flight?
It’s not a cheerful story, but once we had a lady with senile dementia on board who spilled chocolate ice cream all over her clothes. She told me she was going to meet friends once we landed in London, but she didn’t have a change of clothes with her, so we helped her as best as we could. When the flight landed, she couldn’t remember where she was going. That experience stayed with me.

What’s the most memorable trip you’ve been on?
It’s not work-related, but I once travelled for 28 days to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. I enjoyed the scenery; it was very different from anything I’d ever seen.

Are there any countries you would like to visit?
I’d love to go to Argentina, Peru and most of South America. I want to experience the culture and food, and to see the scenery.

What’s the hardest part of your job?
Being away from family. Most of the time, we’re away for important occasions, or when something happens we can’t rush back in time for it.

Most interesting food you’ve eaten:
Cod sperm—it’s a delicacy in sushi restaurants in Japan.

You were heading to a volunteering event when we approached you; can you tell us more about that?
I’ve been volunteering with a personal training and professional development company for almost two years. What we do is conduct courses to help people who are seeking breakthroughs in life or dealing with something.

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