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Valerie’s secret to getting dressed in just 15 minutes is to always fall back on black. “When I can’t decide what to wear, I’ll pick out a black outfit. You can’t go wrong with that,” she says. “I take more time picking out my shoes actually.” It helps that her company fosters a creative environment so she doesn’t have to stress about the dress code, she adds. “And there are so many great brands in the market right now that have versatile pieces for work! If I had to name some: Alexander Wang, Elizabeth and James, and Helmut Lang.” While Valerie loves her job, and fashion, she would love to spend her time travelling, and possibly set up a quaint little café where she could do the one thing she loves the most — eat.  “Don’t be fooled by my size, I am a big foodie!” she says. “One of the criteria I look for in my partner is a willingness to explore and eat up a storm with me.” She also says that her family is a big influence on her when it comes to food, and so she always makes time for them. “I used to find it difficult to find time to meet with everyone, and I’d end up really drained,” she says. “Nowadays, I just allocate my time to people who matter, so this gives me some time to myself as well.”

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