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Tell us more about where you’re from, and what brings you to Singapore.
I’m from Western Japan, and I moved to Singapore three years ago with my husband who is working here now.

Do you like Singapore?
Yeah, of course, I love Singapore (laughs). My favourite part about Singapore is the food—everything is so good.

Do you miss Japan?
Yeah, so much (laughs), especially because of COVID-19.

I went back to Japan once last year in January, and everything was so strict there, so I don’t think I will be visiting again so soon.

My sister-in-law from Kyoto did come to Singapore to visit us recently though, which was nice.

How do you usually spend your time as a housewife?
I usually go around exploring, discovering new experiences, so it’s an honour to have my photo taken actually.

I also enjoy shopping. I like to shop at the Bugis area, around Haji Lane, which is where I bought this bag.

I also like to travel whenever I can, but my favourite country to visit is still Japan (laughs). I prefer going to places with colder temperatures, because I like cold weather. It’s so hot here in Singapore.

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