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Most groggy mornings, Crystal says that her outfit for the day is “whatever is clean, comfortable and unwrinkled”. She has a preference for things that are low-maintenance, and says that her biggest fashion pet peeve is that women seem to have to choose between style and comfort. “So many dresses and skirts are super cute, but really uncomfortable to sit in all day long at a computer! I’ll always choose comfort over style. Especially here in Singapore, you’ll find me in my flip-flops 95% of the year, but I always try to personalise my outfit with earrings. Even if it’s the most boring outfit, I’ll have a fun pair of earrings on. I’m not much for souvenirs, but wherever I travel, I try to buy a cute pair to remember the place.” Crystal is a big believer in balance when it comes to work, whether it’s personal time, or physical activity. “I do yoga any chance I can get. After hours sitting at a computer, it’s especially important to counter-balance all that sitting time.” She also makes personal time a priority, trying to maximise her at work but also telling herself that some things can wait until tomorrow. “I’ve found that taking personal time actually makes me more productive — it keeps me fresh and more able to come up with better stuff than if I was sitting at my desk working overtime.” When it comes to a job, the one thing Crystal thinks that people should be looking out for is the chance to constantly be learning, either from the job itself or the people. “From my experience, it’s such a waste to spend mindless hours in a job where you’re stagnant for 40 hours (or more) a week, and that starts to leak into your overall outlook and behaviour. I know that sometimes, a person just needs money, but learning and growing can be just as important as money. As they say, if it’s not challenging, you’re not growing.” If she could do anything she wanted to, Crystal says she would love to become the next Anthony Bourdain. “Traveling, eating, exploring new cultures, getting drunk with locals, and learning and seeing lots of new stuff every day — oh, and getting paid for it!”

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