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With her cheerful demeanour, welcoming smile, and eye-catching, shimmering midi-skirt, Ankita was hard to miss. At first glance, she fits right into Singapore’s multiethnic quilt, but Ankita isn’t local: ethnically Indian, she grew up in Lyon, France. That probably explains her ongoing love affair with food — aside from relaxing at the movies, Ankita’s favourite pastime is discovering new places to eat at. “My favourites are French, Japanese, and Indian food,” she shares. “I also love going for brunch.” For an authentic French meal in Singapore, Ankita recommends Les Amis and Au Petit Salut. Ankita has been here for two and a half years because of work, and while she has gotten used to the heat, she admits the weather used to catch her off-guard. “It’s ridiculous,” she says. “In the first 5 minutes of arriving in Singapore, I thought, “This is the best weather ever.” And then I got drenched in sweat.” Ankita’s currently in the finance industry, specialising in political risk insurance. “It’s really specialised, so we’re not as affected by the shifting financial climate.” To those just entering the workforce, Ankita stresses that it is important to strike a work-life balance. “Work can consume your life,” she says. “Be strict. You need to put boundaries on your time. After a certain period, go home because you won’t achieve anything else at work.”

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