Wei Choong
Fashion Editor

Wei Choong is currently the fashion editor for a men’s magazine, but when he was younger, he had a one-time stint as a singer, where he was a finalist for Channel U’s Project Superstar competition. “Singing was an interest I had when I was much younger, and after secondary school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. So my mum asked me, “Okay, do you want to go and sign up for a class to learn?”. But after a while I realised that it wasn’t for me.” That realisation then brought him into fashion, where he got his start as a fashion designer. “Before I finished my term in the army, I took part in the Singapore Young Designers Contest and I actually won, so it kinda started from there.” He shares that he hasn’t been designing for a while, although it is something he would want to pick up again. “I think creating an image is something I really enjoy. Styling, taking photos, and designing is all a part of that process.” Wei Choong says the most challenging part of his current job is trying to come up with new ideas for different editorials each month, but thankfully, he has a great bunch of collaborators to work with. “We’ll be like, “Hmm, why don’t we try this out?” I think that that process, where you’re just trying, and experimenting, and figuring out where you wanna go — that’s the fun part for me.” When Wei Choong has free time to spare, he spends it relaxing and drinking, or doing laundry at home, because “there’s always a lot of clothes that need to be washed”. A fashion curse? “Mostly t-shirts, lah! We do a lot of shoots.”

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