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Xuan Kai prides himself on always looking presentable, on or off work. “It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.” He describes his style as modern classic and looks to Instagram for most of his style inspiration — think men in a dapper suits. Although he finds it inconvenient to wear a jacket due to the weather in Singapore, Xuan Kai tries to put his own spin on outfits even if he dresses simply on regular days. “I try to personalise my outfit through interesting details on the cuffed bottoms, waistbands, collars or buttons on my shirt and pants — not forgetting to keep the mirror shine on my shoes.” He  believes that an effort should be made to research on dress rules that one shouldn’t flout, listing certain pet peeves to avoid: “Belts with a brand logo buckle, shoes that are not well taken care of, un-matching shoes and belts, and skinny ties.” Xuan Kai’s childhood ambition was to be a tze char chef, and although that was never realised, he has found immense satisfaction working in Insurance. His experience has taught him that being patient and humble are extremely important, no matter what trade one is in. “The working world is a lot different from school,” he says. “Everybody wants to feel important and respected, but you have to earn it through a lot of effort over time.” His passion and drive can be seen through his desire to make a difference in his line. “There are a lot of skeptics when it comes to the insurance industry,” he says. “I hope I can make a positive impact by changing their mindset one day.” One of the reasons why Xuan Kai enjoys being in insurance is because it often doesn’t feel like work. “For me, work is play; it could simply be a meet-up and socialising with clients.” Thankfully, because of that, he says there are no strains on his personal life and remains close to his family, especially his mother. “People who know me will know that she is my role model in life.” During his free time, Xuan Kai maintains a healthy lifestyle by engaging in sports such as table tennis and football, as well as visits to the gym.

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