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“When I was younger, I was just concerned about whether I looked slim in what I wore,” Mika says. “Now, I’d say that clothes are things through which you can express your personality.” As such, Mika describes her style as “simple x pattern x unique”, as evidenced in her plain t-shirt and oversized checked pants with embroidered detailing. When it comes to work, she says that it’s important to persevere. “Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, I think you should keep going for at least a year. There must be something you can acquire.” Nonetheless, when things get tough, and when it comes to making sure she has enough time for her friends and family, Mika has one tip. “Outsource wherever or whenever you can.” She also chooses to always smile, and perhaps her side hobby gets her through stressful days at work. “I’m a big foodie, and I like to cook, so I cook after work almost every day. I wish I could be a cooking expert, and my hobby is looking up new recipes while drinking wine at the kitchen when my hubby is not at home!”

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