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Nicole says she doesn’t really have pet peeves when it comes to dressing up, except for one thing. “Leggings are not a substitute for pants in any situation!” She keeps her style practical, but with a modern twist, choosing to be comfortable and going for pieces that are flowy and ethereal. “I think a bit of lipstick and some nice accessories go a long way when trying to dress up an outfit.” Nicole says that she’s quite lucky to love her job, the industry, and everything that comes with it as it’s exactly what she wants to be doing right now. “A lesson I’ve learnt is to have confidence in your abilities and what you’re capable of achieving when you really invest time into it,” she says of work. “Always say yes and figure out how to do it later!” A photographer by training, Nicole says that if she didn’t have her job she might be travelling the world taking photos. “I’d be happy doing anything that was creative and allowed me to express myself.” Beyond that, Nicole says that she’s a massive fantasy and science fiction fan. “I love Star Trek! I’ve always loved Anne Rice and her vampire chronicles.” Her off time from work is spent catching up on movies and reading, or running and cooking. “I don’t really struggle with balancing work and social life,” she says. “You make the time; you just have to be organised and make the most of it.” A personal philosophy she’s living by at the moment? “Live in the present, and everything happens when it’s supposed to.”

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