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Liya calls herself blessed to be doing what she is passionate about. “I absolutely love the fact that I’m a part of every step of the creative process, especially because I’m a part of a boutique agency,” she says. “From the early stages of strategic conceptualization, to the planning in between, and execution right up to game day – it’s incredibly rewarding being able to see through an entire campaign. It’s the business of creating.” Another plus point is that the advertising industry doesn’t have a dress code, and while Liya says she doesn’t think she has a specific style, besides being understated on most occasions, she picks up on silhouettes that work for her size and body shape. She also used to dabble in fashion sketching when she was just nine, keeping a scrapbook of sorts. “I’d colour in rows and rows of full outfits as well, obviously fantasizing this was going somewhere,” she says. “I should have kept those, I’d like to see what I thought was fashionable at that moment in time.” When she’s not knee deep and hands on at work, Liya enjoys catching up on her reading, particularly Smith Journal or Frankie magazine. “I read and invest in print quite a fair bit,” she says. “I also dabble in photography too, so I’m perpetually scouring the Internet for treats to make and document! I repent at the gym after, at least three times a week.” One thing that she advises everyone to do, both at work and in life, would be to dare to be more and to buy into experience. “You’re always going to come up a top individual having to consciously thrust yourself out of the box, and in more ways you would expect,” she says. “Get out there and start living, whatever that may mean to you.”

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