What do you do?
I just left my job in insurance, and I’m going to Australia to do a yoga teacher course. I’ll be spending some time in a surf town in winter, so it’ll be quite an experience.

Why the decision to leave your job?
I grew up accompanying my parents to their offices and I knew that I wanted to work in the CBD, but when I finally started working, I felt something was missing. It wasn’t just about money anymore; I wanted to do something that could really help myself as well as help others. I have a family member who’s suffering from autism, and I want to explore how yoga can help. It’s exciting to see how people with autism can grow towards something that’s very natural—to move your body, something that’s not from a textbook or a program.

If you could master one skill right now, what would it be and why?
Multiple languages. I used to study Thai for a bit, and currently I’m into Korean dramas so I would really like to pick up Korean. I thought that the way they spoke was very crude and forthcoming, but I realised that there’s quite a lot of beauty in their language that we don’t have.

A life hack:
You don’t have to do anything drastic like quit your job to go for a yoga teacher course, but I think it’s very important to always find time to find stillness in your life. You should always take time out—whether it’s meditating for five minutes, or taking a longer walk back to the office after lunch to find some peace and calm.

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