Browhaus x Shentonista: #BrowHunt Finale


We rounded off our Browhaus x Shentonista #BrowHunt campaign by hitting the streets of both Shenton Way and Orchard Road, scouting for ladies who represented Browhaus’ fun, youthful, and vibrant spirit. It was a full-day affair as we kept our eyes peeled for potential candidates to become the next face of Browhaus.

We started the morning extra early in one of our usual haunts — Raffles Green. The morning peak hour crowd was streaming into the area, and that’s when we spotted our first lady of the day: the vivacious Tessa, who was hard to miss in her eye-catching, floral-print jumpsuit. It turns out that she was no stranger to the camera, having done some modelling on the side before; she obligingly made the small adjustments needed to make the picture work.


As the lunch crowd began to peak, we spotted our next candidate — Paulina. We had photographed her for the site some time back, so it was great to see a familiar face, in her familiar sneakers. Although she was in a bit of a rush, Paulina patiently posed for us under the midday sun; she, too, was clearly comfortable in front of the camera.


A little later on, we spotted Li-An in her striking blue jacket as she made her way out for lunch. She was rather surprised that we stopped her, saying that she was hardly dressed up for the day – it was casual Friday, after all. Nonetheless, she gamely agreed to take part in the shoot, and be a part of the contest as well.



It was then time for us to move on to Orchard Road — amongst the throngs of shoppers and tourists, Xi Xi stood out with her long, flowing locks and alabaster skin. The lass was all smiles throughout the shoot, no matter that we were shooting in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the afternoon crowd, right in the centre of a busy pedestrian walkway.


Moving a little further up towards Somerset, we spotted Ren Ran — demure and lithe, and hardly speaking any English. With our faltering Mandarin, we managed to convince Ren Ran to let us photograph her, despite her initial surprise and misgivings.


Our final catch for the day was Nobelle, whom, by happy coincidence, we spotted alongside someone we had previously photographed for Shentonista. He made all the necessary introductions and made Nobelle feel at ease — despite the fact that she had just chopped off a good length of her hair just hours before.


It was a long day of scouting, but when you’re looking for the next face of Browhaus, the bar is set pretty high. We’d like to thank everyone for being a part of the campaign; we hope to bump into you again sometime soon!

This marks the end of our campaign on Shentonista, but for these ladies, it marks the beginning of an exciting contest. Hop on over to our Shentonista Facebook page to vote for your favourite lady; the winner stands to win up to $1,000 of prizes from Browhaus, Spa Esprit, and Strip, while the top commenter wins $500 worth of prizes from Browhaus, Spa Esprit, and Strip. Voting ends 14th June.

If you missed us on our on-the-ground shoot, don’t worry! You can still join in the #BrowHunt on Instagram by submitting a selfie which you think best represents Browhaus and by adding #BrowHunt and @BrowhausSG.

You stand to win up to $5,000 worth of prizes, $2,000 cash & $3,000 worth of services from Browhaus, Spa Esprit & Strip, as well as the opportunity to be the next face of Browhaus. Submissions close on 14th June, so get cracking!

This is a Shentonista project for Browhaus Singapore.

For more information about Browhaus, visit their website here.

To view all posts in the campaign, click here.

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