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Ran Ran



American Apparel

SHENTONISTA-Ren Ran-Student-Beijing-Top_American_Apparel-Skirt_American_Apparel-Bag_American_Apparel-Shoes_Beijing-080515-5

We had initially thought that Ren Ran was a model, in town for Singapore Fashion Week, but it turns out that she’s still a student, and was actually here for a vacation from Beijing. She was due to fly off the next day, so we’re glad we managed to spot her. It was hard to miss her, really, in this lady-like ensemble of a cropped white top and full, washed denim skirt. Although she was a bit startled when we first approached her, the demure girl patiently took the time to answer some questions we asked in our halting Mandarin.

SHENTONISTA-Ren Ran-Student-Beijing-Top_American_Apparel-Skirt_American_Apparel-Bag_American_Apparel-Shoes_Beijing-080515

1. Do you think is important for women to be well-groomed, and why? 

Yes, it’s very important! Being neat, clean, and well-groomed says a lot about you and what you’re like.

2. What’s the silliest/most outrageous thing you’ve done for beauty?

I’ve always wanted my forehead to appear longer, so there was once that I actually trimmed my hairline back, all by myself!

3. How do you find ways to match your makeup to your look? Are there any pet peeves or no-nos that you have when it comes to make-up?

I think everyone should explore on their own what works for them and what doesn’t. Everyone kind of has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to facial features, in a way. The one thing I don’t like is overly thick makeup.

SHENTONISTA-Ren Ran-Student-Beijing-Top_American_Apparel-Skirt_American_Apparel-Bag_American_Apparel-Shoes_Beijing-080515-3

4. Is there a look (style-wise or makeup-wise) that you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t given it a go?

There are times that I wish I had a head of wavy, voluminous, light-coloured locks, but so far that hasn’t become a reality.

5. What are some items in your wardrobe/on your dresser that you can’t live without?

I must have white items in my wardrobe for mixing and matching. White is my favourite colour.

6. If you could wear a uniform of sorts for the rest of your life (to school/to work), what would your outfit consist of, and why?

I’d have to say a big shirt and a pair of comfortable sandals!

7. Do you think Singaporeans have a sense of style, and do you think it’s changing/getting better/getting worse? What would you like Singaporeans to start embracing more?

I do think that Singaporeans are changing their sense of style. However, I feel that they should take a bolder approach to their style, maybe coming up with something that really belongs to Singapore. In a sense, Singaporeans shouldn’t act so much as if they’re ‘guests’ in this world, taking styles from other parts of the globe, but be more like ‘masters’ and really own their fashion.

SHENTONISTA-Ren Ran-Student-Beijing-Top_American_Apparel-Skirt_American_Apparel-Bag_American_Apparel-Shoes_Beijing-080515-4

8. Could you tell us about what you’re working on right now, or a personal project that you would love to undertake?

I like taking photos, and being photographed. So it’s a good thing that you caught me!

9. What is important for you to have at work, both in a material and emotional/psychological sense?

For me, it’s emotional comfort, above all else. That’s most important.

10. Do you think creativity can still exist even in the most corporate working environment?

Yes, why not?

SHENTONISTA-Ren Ran-Student-Beijing-Top_American_Apparel-Skirt_American_Apparel-Bag_American_Apparel-Shoes_Beijing-080515-2

11. What is one thing you’ve learnt from your work/life experience? 

I’m still a student, but in my time studying in college, especially when it comes to projects or group work, I’ve learnt how to get along better with other people.

12. What’s the one thing you think you should be doing more of, or that you wish you had more time to be doing?

I wish more of my time was spent exercising and reading.

This is a Shentonista project for Browhaus Singapore.

For more information about Browhaus, visit their website here.

Join in the #BrowHunt by submitting your own selfie which you feel best represents Browhaus, and add #BrowHunt and @BrowhausSG. The winner wins up to $5,000 worth of prizes, $2,000 cash, and $3,000 worth of prizes from Browhaus, Spa Esprit, and Strip, as well as the opportunity to be the next face of Browhaus. Submissions close on the 14th of June.

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