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Ellie uses the Browhaus Bi-Liner in Midnight Blue and the Browhaus HD Mascara

Ellie will soon officially graduate from her Fashion Design course at Temasek Polytechnic, and is already looking forward to her next big step. “School meant endless hours of being cooped up in my studio, sketching, sewing, fitting and all that,” she says. “I would love to start a little fashion and lifestyle site that focuses on everyday pieces that we could buy. I’m still deciding what I should call it. I’d also like to keep up illustrating as my hobby.” She goes on to add that she wishes she had more time for all her boundless ideas and energy. “I wished I didn’t need time for sleep or food, so that I can branch out on my works,” she says. “I’ve been meaning to work on other forms of design such as illustration, creative branding, stuff like that. And I should be working out more, and quit lazing about!” Although Ellie has a clear creative disposition, she also sees the importance of mixing it with a corporate mindset. “That would set you apart from the crowd, and isn’t that what will ‘win’ in this time and age?” We find out more about the spunky girl when we speak to her.


1. What is the craziest/adventurous makeup look you have ever tried?

I could go goth in dark lips and dark eyes with crazy contacts.

2. How do you find ways to match your makeup to your look? Are there any pet peeves or no-nos that you have when it comes to make-up?

My make up is always on the neutral side, but I do use different lip shades to fit specific occasions. My pet peeve is an over-done eye: double eyelid tape, glue, falsies, thick as hell eye-liner, and tons of mascara is always a no-no for me.


3. Do you think it’s important for women to be well-groomed, and why?

Yes of course! I think it should be more of a lifestyle, so it wouldn’t be a ‘hassle’, but more ‘oh yes, I woke up like this’.

4. If you could only pick 1 type of make up must-have, what would it be and why?

A good brow pencil goes a long way.


5. What is your usual look? What do you usually use?

Neutral shades, occasional bronzer with a nice eye liner, and a nice dark nude lippy for an everyday look.

6. What are some items in your wardrobe/on your dresser that you can’t live without?

Denims are the most effortless and classic pieces. Also, a pair of trusty boots or sneakers that will allow you to walk a mile without hurting — that’s good too.

7. What is important for you to have at work, both in a material and emotional/psychological sense?

A conducive working space is important, but having the right mood or vibe from the people around you is crucial too. I think positive energy is widely contagious, so working with people who radiate that makes me feel more inspired and makes work less crazy.


8. Do you think Singaporeans have a sense of style, and do you think it’s changing/getting better/getting worse? What would you like Singaporeans to start embracing more?

I think Singaporeans have a sense of style, but is it individualistic? I highly doubt so, and that’s what I would love to see more: embracing your own look, and not fall into conformity.

9. What is one thing you’ve learnt from your work/life experience? (e.g. having a particular mindset; being more patient or open; to always be kind etc.)

I think staying positive is important, and not have expectations of people regardless of your experiences. I’ve learnt that we cannot rely on others and expect them to give 100%; we can only give that trust to ourselves and save the disappointments.

Stay tuned to find out how you can be a part of the Browhaus #BrowHunt!

This is a Shentonista project for Browhaus.

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