Changi Airport x Shentonista: Changinista — Roam Free

Anna, Student from Germany, in the T3 Transit Hall.
Pants from H&M, top from Zara, shoes from Converse.

Any tips to look good while travelling?
I really don’t care! I went for a month without makeup in Bali. It was great, because no one cares how you look like and you can just be yourself.

Anna seemed surprised that we stopped her. “I haven’t even combed my hair, and my shoes are the dirtiest things ever!” But that’s what we liked most about her: the fact that she was so at ease and comfortable in her own skin. This German girl recently graduated from school, and bravely went on her first trip out of her home country: all by herself, for a month, to the faraway tropical paradise of Bali. “I wasn’t completely alone; I met many people in the hostels that I stayed in. My mum was really, really scared for me, though. I had to make sure I texted her everyday so that she didn’t freak out!”

Anna loves to draw—she even designed her own tattoo—and that’s what she’ll be doing as she waits in transit at Changi Airport. “This is my second time here—the first was on the way to Bali—and I haven’t had much time to walk around yet. But it’s huge and fancy, and definitely more organised than the airport back home. I especially like the travelators; they save me a lot of walking time!” While Anna loves that she gets to meet plenty of different people during her trips, and is looking forward to backpacking around Southeast Asia in the near future, the one thing she finds troublesome is falling sick while travelling. “I got a parasite in Bali, and it was pretty hard to find a doctor who understood me.”

Nonetheless, and true to her spontaneous, fearless character, Anna’s already raring to go for her next adventure. “I’m going to Australia, to visit someone I met on this trip to Bali. I haven’t told my mother yet,” she says. “I just made this plan yesterday!”

This is a Shentonista project for Changi Airport

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