FRANK x SHENTONISTA: Quarter-Life Confidence — Finale

Success is a lofty goal we all strive towards: sometimes we draw the markers ourselves, and at times we find that society has already set the parameters for us. For many young professionals, turning 30 is an invisible checkpoint we’ve set for ourselves—a checkpoint that no doubt causes fear and uncertainty within us, as we approach the sometimes-dreaded quarter-life mark.

Over the past few weeks, we spoke to nine young professionals for our #FRANKxShentonista campaign who have, in their own ways, turned around the quarter-life crisis to achieve #QuarterLifeConfidence. Whether they were taking their first steps into adulthood, or leaving their teens behind to embrace the future, they shared with us how being confident in your twenties is more than just striking off a list of goals from your bucket list—it’s about growing into your skin as you build your ambitions, having faith in your infinite capacity, and believing that the risks you take today will bring you returns tomorrow.

As we wrap up the campaign, we revisit the nine faces who have shared with us their varied aspirations, and expressed how #QuarterLifeConfidence is not about achieving success, but redefining it, and truly making it your own.

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