We’ve sung the tune countless times, stood to attention day in and out—we’ve grown up alongside our National Symbols, but have we ever paused to consider what they really mean to each of us?

That’s why, this December, we’re taking the time to commemorate the message and meaning behind our National Symbols—the National Crest, National Anthem, and National Flag—that continues to inspire us all.

60 years ago, these Symbols signified a young nation still trying to stand on its own feet. They represented the determination to forge our own path, the resolve to sail through the tough times, and the binding ties of the community who’ll always have each others’ back.

60 years later, the Singapore we live in has changed, but this spirit has not.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the unveiling of our National Symbols, five homegrown labels—David’s Daughter, Lully Selb, Pew Pew Patches, Supermama and Temasek Clothings—have reimagined the significance of these familiar Singaporean values through a newly released line of collectibles.

Our 1959 x SHENTONISTA project extends this message to bring you stories of everyday Singaporeans who continue to imbue the ethos behind our National Symbols. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be featuring the journeys of four people who are penning their Singapore story in their own ways: through determination, grit and the unwavering desire to pave their own path through it all.


This is a Shentonista project in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth.

Stand a chance to win a product designed by David’s Daughter, Lully Selb, Pew Pew Patches, Supermama and Temasek Clothings—visit www.sg/1959 to find out how. Giveaway contest ends on 31st December.

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