Fred Perry SG X Kizuki+LIM & Pact+LIM X SHENTONISTA: Behind-The-Scenes With Fred Perry









Staying true to the streetwear-meets-sportswear ethos of Fred Perry, we took it to the streets for this photo shoot — literally, to the back streets of Jalan Besar. Collaborating with the lovely and ever-so-patient team from kizuki+LIM & pact+LIM, we battled the heat and humidity together to celebrate Fred Perry’s 105th birthday.

E.C., the lone local amongst a team of affable Japanese,  patiently translated for the crew. Yoko,was a portrait of elegance and cool despite the weather. Koji broke out in spurts of candid laughter, unable to keep a straight face – the rest of the gang couldn’t help but tease him. Akiyo was her usual boyish, charming self and Noriko occasionally tried out some outrageous, playful kung fu-inspired poses, to the amusement of others. Spirited So was the team’s cheerleader, spurring them on as heat beat down mercilessly and Misa, the pint-sized sweetheart, quietly documented the whole experience with her smartphone.

Arigatou gouzaimasu to the good people of Fred Perry Singapore and kizuki+LIM & pact+LIM, the team at Shentonista had a blazing good time working with you.

Celebrate Fred Perry’s birthday here.

Check out their Instagram account here.

Here’s a quick recap of the folks we’ve photographed in Fred Perry on Shentonista.

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