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Sipei, Insurance. Jumpsuit from Warehouse, bag from BIMBA Y LOLA, bracelet from Tiffany & Co., earrings from Swarovski.

After-work drinks are mostly a social affair for Si Pei; she actually has a slight sensitivity to alcohol, so when she does choose to hang out with her colleagues, it’s mostly for the company and to celebrate special occasions. This time round, she was out at Boat Quay on a Friday night to celebrate her colleague’s confirmation with the rest of her team from work. It’s been a while since we last saw Si Pei (she was previously featured here and here), so we took the time to catch up.

Shentonista (S): What’s a regular day at work like for you?

Si Pei (SP): Work starts from 9 to about 6, but usually I stay till about 7 or 8. After that I’d probably head to the gym, or sometimes, if any of my colleagues are up for drinks, I’ll join them.

S: How often do you go out for drinks after work?

SP: We usually try to make it every week, but it depends on who wants to go and how long we want to stay to drink.

S: Usually in groups, or solo? With your colleagues or friends outside of work?

SP: I usually go drinking with my colleagues.


S: How much do you usually drink? Do you know what’s your personal limit?

SP: I am a little bit sensitive to alcohol, so I drink moderately, maybe half a glass or even lesser.

S: How do you keep your alcohol intake under control? How do you stop yourself from drinking too much?

SP: All of my friends know about my tolerance level, so they are very understanding and won’t force me to drink.

S: In our culture where alcohol is easily accessible, do you think it’s important to drink moderately?

SP: Definitely.

S: Why?

SP: Everyone should know their limit. Don’t over-drink, because it can be dangerous when people start to rely heavily on alcohol.

S: Poison of choice?

SP: I like my drinks sweet, so I always order Moscato.


S: What are some of your best tips for lasting the night?

SP: I’ll order a glass of water and food.

S: Besides going out for drinks, what other activities do you enjoy? You mentioned the gym, so what do you do at the gym?

SP: I work out and join classes.

S: So are you the run-on-the-treadmill kind or the classes kind?

SP: The classes kind. I don’t really like running on the treadmill. If I were to run I’d run around Marina Bay, for the nice view, because I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. My favourite class is Body Combat, because I like sweating it out.

S: What would you describe your personal style as?

SP: Feminine, with a little bit of edge.


S: You started your first job out of school last year, so do you have any advice for someone who started work recently?

SP: Go for as many interviews as you can, and go for jobs that pique your interest. With the right opportunities, things will eventually work out.

S: Any personal mottos or philosophies that you’re living by right now?

SP: There’s this quote that I like, and that I shared on my Instagram. Part of it goes: “Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you might not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answers.”

S: Do you have a dress code to follow at work?

SP: I do, because I’m serving the insurance industry, so I can’t dress like if I were to be, for example, a recruiter for the marketing industry, then I can dress almost any way I like. But today is Friday so it’s dress down day, if not I can’t dress like this to work.

S: So what do you usually wear to work?

SP: Midi dresses, with heels. I wear flats to work, then change to heels. I’m a flats kind of girl!


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This is a Shentonista project for Heineken Singapore.

Find out more on Heineken’s #ModerateDrinkersWanted contest here.


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