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Pearlyn, Advertising. Top and jeans from Topshop, bag from Balenciaga, necklace from By Invite Only.

Pearlyn works in the China Street area, and is lucky to have a little enclave of restaurants and cosy bars in the shophouses along the street that allow for her and her colleagues to easily grab a post-work drink. For her, drinking is all about the company, and her friends are both her source of joy and control when it comes to knowing when enough is enough. She shares more when we steal a quick moment with her.

Shentonista (S): What’s a regular day at work like for you?

Pearlyn (P): It’s unpredictable in a good way. We juggle many different projects, so jumping from one to another makes my day longer than your average office hours. That said, after a long day, I’m usually ready to unwind and take my mind off the day’s hectic-ness.

S: How often do you go out for drinks after work?

P: Not very often — maybe Fridays, and certain Saturdays.

S: Usually in groups, or solo? With your colleagues or friends outside of work?

P: Groups. I usually enjoy occasions better with quality company, rather than on a larger scale, so I’ll often find myself with close friends or colleagues. Makes it more convenient because there are a lot of bars in our office area.


S: How much do you usually drink?

P: 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine.

S: How do you know what’s your personal limit?

P: It’s tried and tested! Physically, I’ll feel that I won’t be lucid after awhile and may say or do potentially embarrassing things, so that keeps me in check.

S: How do you keep your alcohol intake under control?

P: I usually have the discipline to stop drinking because I get rashes, so I’d stop when I feel a rash coming on, or when my friend says, “Eh, you’re really red. Stop.”

S: How do you stop yourself from drinking too much?

P: I’m more of the lightweight of the group, so it boils down to not wanting to trouble your friends at the end of the day.


S: In our culture where alcohol is easily accessible, do you think it’s important to drink moderately?

P: Yes.

S: What’s your great motivation for drinking moderately?

P: For me, it’s a wellness check. Nowadays, I know a lot of people like me, who are trying to lead more healthy lifestyles, like going to the gym and eating healthy. If you drink alcohol excessively, you undo all the good effort you’ve put in over the week.

S: Poison of choice?

P: Red wine.

S: What are some of your best tips for lasting the night, even without alcohol to have a good time?

P: I think it really depends on the company. With good company, you don’t need alcohol to get high or to party.

S: Besides going out for drinks, what other activities do you enjoy? Any other hobbies?

P: Yoga and boxing. I try to make it to class at least three times a week, ‘try’ being the operative word, because it’s a little difficult to.


S: What would you describe your personal style as?

P: Relaxed.

S: What do you usually look out for when it comes to workwear? Any pet peeves?

P: Comfort, because our dress code is pretty casual, so I just want to wear stuff that will allow me to go on shoots and yet still be presentable at meetings. Comfort with some measure of style, so that I still look presentable, if that makes sense!

S: You’ve been working in advertising for how long now?

P: For about 3, almost 4 years.

S: Any advice for someone who started work recently?

P: Be humble, don’t be an asshole.

S: What’s your personal go-to when you’re having a stressful day?

P: Usually, if chocolate is accessible, I’d get chocolate. If not, I’d take a second off work for a while and call my best friend, because if I’m at work I can’t just leave the office.

S: Any personal mottos or philosophies that you’re living by right now?

P: Right now… It’s not really a quote but I believe in the philosophy of balance. At the risk of sounding mildly pretentious: for darkness to exist there has to be light, so there’s always a give and take in everything you do, and that helps me to not be so hard on myself.


Want to win a year’s worth of complimentary taxi rides, courtesy of Heineken? Simply post a photo of yourself on a good night out on Instagram, and share how you’d drink moderately, your way. Tag #ModerateDrinkersWanted and #HeinekenSG on your post to stand a chance to win. Contest runs from 6 April to 25 May 2016.

This is a Shentonista project for Heineken Singapore.

Find out more on Heineken’s #ModerateDrinkersWanted contest here.

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