Heineken x Shentonista: Moderate Drinkers Wanted — Reflection


Jennifer, Education. Top from Bec And Bridge, jeans from Paige, shoes from Vince Camuto, bag from Botkier.

Jennifer has a background in Psychology, although she is currently working in education. We found the American all dressed up to celebrate a colleague’s birthday in Club Street, a busy area teeming with people easing into the weekend amidst the throbbing beats of the bars along the street, the sound of laughter and conversation, and the flow of food and drinks. Beyond enjoyment, and perhaps true to her inquisitive, academic nature, Jennifer expresses an interest in the making of cocktails and drinks; she shares more with us below.

Shentonista (S): How many years have you been in Singapore?

Jennifer (J): I’ve been here for three and a half years, and I was in Thailand for three years before that. I worked there as a life coach and psychotherapist.

S: How often do you go out for drinks?

J: Probably 2 or 3 times a week.

S: Do you usually go out with friends, or your coworkers?

J: A lot of my coworkers are friends, so it’s a mix.

S: How much do you usually drink?

J: Around 2 drinks.


S: Here in Singapore, where alcohol is easily accessible, do you think it’s important to drink moderately? Why?

J: Yes, I think it’s important everywhere you live.

S: What is your main reason/motivation for during in moderation? i.e. not over-drinking?

J: I like to get up early and go to yoga or for a run on the weekends. And that’s a lot more enjoyable, and likely to happen, if I haven’t been drinking a lot. I also think that with age, drinking changes. Now I really enjoy having a couple of well-crafted cocktails, or a nice glass of wine with good friends, instead of just drinking for the sake of drinking.

S: What are some of your best tips for lasting the night?

J: Drink a lot of water, and have good friends and company.

S: Besides going out for drinks, what other activities do you enjoy? Any other hobbies?

J: I’m a big exerciser, so I love yoga, running, spending time with friends, going hiking.

S: How often would you say you exercise in a week?

J: I would say about four times a week. (Oh, that is quite heavy exercising! Most people we talk to say they ‘try’ to exercise once in a while.) (laughs) I wouldn’t say it’s heavy exercising! I go hiking at Bukit Timah with some friends every weekend, then I go to yoga twice a week, and go running once or twice a week.


S: What would you describe your personal style as?

J: I don’t know whether I have one style, but I would definitely say ‘comfortable’. I wear a lot of black, and I like blue and red.

S: Is there a definite no-no for you? Something that you’ll never be caught dead wearing?

J: I definitely won’t be caught dead in anything that I’m uncomfortable in. Like, I won’t wear shoes that are painful, I’m not into stuff like feathers. I’m much more understated and casual.

S: What’s your personal go-to when you’re having a stressful day?

J: Either going for yoga, or meeting friends for drinks.


S: You mentioned that you took a mixology class, recently; what made you do it? Are you interested in learning about drinks?

J: Yeah, I love learning about cocktails, and it was really interesting just to hear about the different mixes they were putting together and all the thought that was going on behind that, which it makes the drink even more interesting.

S: Have you put it into practice yet?

J: (laughs) Not yet, no. But I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It was just a two-hour class, but they did a really great job of making it interesting and easy for us to figure out how to make cocktails on our own, at home.

S: Are you inspired to invite some friends over and whip up some cocktails at home?

J: Yeah, absolutely!

S: Any personal mottos or philosophies that you’re living by right now?

J: What I do, on a regular basis, is to think about how I want to show up in the world, and I ask myself whether I am showing up in that way. It’s not necessarily a motto, but more of a question or reflection.


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This is a Shentonista project for Heineken Singapore.

Find out more on Heineken’s #ModerateDrinkersWanted contest here.

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