Heineken x Shentonista: Moderate Drinkers Wanted — It Takes Guts


Adeline, Entrepreneur. Top from Uniqlo, pants from Matter, bag from February People, necklace from By Invite Only

Adeline started her own knitting company with the goal of getting people to think about how clothes are made, and the true cost of fashion. It might seem like a heavy message to put across, but she’s convinced that craft and knitting, while they might seem like hobbies for a different era, will slowly win people over. Adeline definitely goes against your usual idea of rocking-chair-bound grannies knitting away, but she jokes that she’s still a stereotype in some ways. Read on to find out more.


Shentonista (S): You’re here today…

Adeline (A): For a drink with friends.

S: How much do you usually drink? Why?

A: Just 1 cider, because that’s my personal limit.

S: What are some of your best tips for lasting the night? How do you keep your alcohol intake under control?

A: I would think the amount that you drink helps, so just don’t drink too much! I’m not very good at drinking, so I know when to stop.


S: What’s a regular day at work like for you, if you have a regular day at all?

A: I get up, reply emails, and knit for pretty much the whole day. I also teach knitting, so when I have classes I’ll go out for that.

S: How often do you go out for drinks after work?

A: Mmm… Very rarely. Actually, it’s partially for work that I’m here today, because I rent a space above a bar, and I was here to deliver some stuff so I stopped by for a drink, otherwise I wouldn’t usually come out and drink.

S: Do you usually drink with friends?

A: Yes; it’s a shame my friends aren’t here!

S: Besides going out for drinks and knitting, what other activities do you enjoy?

A: Mostly solitary things, like staying home and reading, watching Korean dramas — my favourite, currently, is Descendants of the Sun, it’s what everybody’s watching. I watch TV when I knit.


S: What would you describe your personal style as from day to day?

A: Anything comfortable that doesn’t bunch, and doesn’t have lace, ruffles or ribbons on it.

S: What’s your personal go-to when you’re having a stressful day?

A: I knit! (laughs)

S: Do you ever get stressed from knitting? What do you turn to if you have too many orders?

A: It’s usually books or music, and my 2 cats. I’m a stereotype, right? I have cats, and I knit.

S: Any advice for someone who started work recently?

A: Do the stuff that only you can do. You may sound like many other people now, and that’s all fine and normal, but remember to eventually find your own voice. Oh, and it gets easier.

S: Any personal mottos or philosophies that you’re living by right now?

A: Hmm… Trust your story. You get what anyone else gets — a lifetime. So make mistakes, in all their glorious fabulous forms.


Want to win a year’s worth of complimentary taxi rides, courtesy of Heineken? Simply post a photo of yourself on a good night out on Instagram, and share how you’d drink moderately, your way. Tag #ModerateDrinkersWanted and #HeinekenSG on your post to stand a chance to win. Contest runs from 6 April to 25 May 2016.

This is a Shentonista project for Heineken Singapore.

Find out more on Heineken’s #ModerateDrinkersWanted contest here.

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