SAM x Shentonista: Novel Ways Of Dressing—Finale

We’re all familiar with the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words—while this adage holds true for the actual works of art, those who work intimately with art are aware of how fluid and versatile the medium can be, beyond pictures. Whether displayed within the walls of a gallery, or interwoven into everyday life, a work of art is often all that’s needed to change someone’s perspective or spark a new wave of thought.

Over the past month, we brought to you the journeys of six individuals from the Singapore Art Museum, whose novel ways of dressing have conveyed their thoughts and words. Much like art, fashion is a vehicle of self-expression; whether it’s a choice of colour, pattern, structure, or silhouette, what we see can sometimes convey so much more than what we say.

In this behind-the-scenes video, we take a closer look at how we’ve amalgamated the worlds of fashion and art through a blend of the physical and digital, featuring the six stories we shared as part of our collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum.

Revisit all of their stories here and learn more about how you can participate in the open call for #NovelWaysOfDressing.

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