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The Creative
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If your clothes could tell your tales for you, what would they say? We reimagine conversations with outfits that you might see being worn by Shentonistas of different occupations—starting with the Creative, whose eclectic mismatch of layers and items somehow always appear to be the peak of fashion.

Share with us a secret about this whole ensemble that only the Creative knows:
Most of the items belonged to someone else before getting a new life. The Creative loves clothes swapping or going through forgotten piles at the thrift store. In this wardrobe, there’s always room for more.

What’s the most important criteria to be a part of the Creative’s closet?
Basics for days when you’re preparing for a pitch and don’t have the brain space to think about what to wear. Statement pieces for when the pitch is ready, and you want to dress to impress for the presentation. The Creative chooses every item in their wardrobe with the same careful consideration that they put into their work..

The most exciting thing about the wardrobe you’re in is:
The variety of outfit combinations–whether it’s loungewear or formal attire, the Creative always manages to style an old look in a fresh way. Don’t expect a boring OOTD shot from this one.

If you could change something about the Creative, what would it be?
A desire to always stay on top—and that applies to their look too. While their closet is filled with the most fashionable items, those that have lost their sheen are sometimes ignored and never touched again.

A style tip people can take away from the Creative’s wardrobe is:
Transforming or repurposing old clothes.

Every piece featured in this outfit has been sourced from the Shentonista team, as part of a special project that we’re launching very soon. Keep an eye out for updates!

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