The Artist


The Artist

Perhaps the most eclectic out of the six professions we’ve featured as part of this series, the Artist has a unique wardrobe that does a good balancing act of bringing the chic factor while scoring high on the practicality scale. Our favourite style fact about the Artist? Their ability to create varied ensembles out of the unique pieces they have in their wardrobe. We reimagine a conversation with one such outfit to see how it might be. 

To the artist, what is sustainability?
Making sure each item in their wardrobe has been worn till it’s worn out. 


What’s one important quality all of the Artist’s clothes must have?
Being resistant to colourful marks and stains from paint, markers, and even coloured pencils sometimes. It wouldn’t hurt be able to handle frequent coffee or tea splashes either.

Between style and practicality, what does the Artist cherish more?
They’re an ardent believer of the fact that style and practicality are not mutually exclusive. While staying stylish, their clothes are also adjustable to different situations. 

Where does the Artist often source their clothes from?
While they believe in supporting local brands and fellow artists, they also keep a lookout for hardy clothes that can stand the test of time—like vintage, pre-loved items.     

An important criteria they look out for:
Pockets. The Artist needs an assortment of knick-knacks around them, and what better method of storage than pockets?    

Over the past weeks, we’ve shared with you curated looks tailored to some familiar professions you might have seen on Shentonista. Each outfit has been assembled using abandoned clothing sourced from the Shentonista team, as a way to highlight the buy-and-throw culture we’ve adopted due to fast fashion. 

In our own attempt to push back against the tide of textile wastage, we’ll be launching three different collections of preloved and vintage clothing, carefully curated by some Shentonistas you might recognise. Stay tuned as we share more with you this week! 

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