The Lawyer


The Lawyer

While most lawyers might tend to stick to a more monochrome palette, we reimagined an outfit that might belong to a more experimental wardrobe. Despite the additional flair, the Lawyer’s outfit remains the peak of professionalism throughout all the different situations they might be put in, with carefully curated pieces that they can seamlessly mix and match .

An essential part of the Lawyer’s outfit is:
The pocket square. It’s the important final touch to complete any outfit.

An item you’d find too many versions of in the Lawyer’s wardrobe is:
The perfect jacket. While the button-up shirts might stay classic, the jacket is where you can have fun with the small details: buttons, lapels, trims, inner lining, and materials.

How does the Lawyer practice sustainability?
By choosing quality, bespoke pieces, made to last, rather than buying fast-fashion, off the rack.

What’s something the Lawyer keeps in mind when buying new clothes?
Adaptability—from meetings to casual lunches and from hot outdoors to chilly office interior.

How would you recognise the Lawyer’s wardrobe
More often than not, each piece is tailor made to fit them, just the way they like it.

Sustainability looks different for all of us, and through this series, we’re hoping to kickstart conversations on what sustainability means to you. These features are a part of an upcoming special project that’s launching very soon, so keep an eye out.

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