UNIFORM x ACRE: Patches — Pockets Of Comfort

Designed in Singapore and lovingly made in Japan, our socks also bring to mind something else: the pattern of flannel pyjamas, for days when we’d rather be in bed and want to sneak a little comfort into our everyday office wear.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the giveaway for our UNIFORM x ACRE socks. We saw some really creative entries and had a tough time making our selection, but here are our winners:

@shinysubs: “Comfort is taking afternoon naps and waking up late every damn weekend!”

@arkiyogic: “Comfort is clean linen.”

@aliceinwanderland11: “Comfort is… A day in the woods with books, dogs, endless bubble tea, and steamboat for dinner.”

@orhganic: “Comfort is being weird.”

@soupshan: “What comfort is to me: Jesus, Philip, warm hugs, my bunny, cup noodles, and walking barefoot on green grass.”

@nat8.k: “Comfort is waking up to music on a rainy Sunday.”

We really enjoyed seeing your takes on what comfort means to you, and we hope you had fun taking part! We’ll be contacting the winners shortly.

The socks are now available for pre-order here on our website and at ACRE.


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