UNIFORM x ACRE: Patches — A Second Glance


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Chatuchak Market

What’s an interesting encounter you’ve had recently?
I finally met my neighbour who lives on the same floor as me after two years. We were having a barbecue along our common corridor, and he came by and offered to make us a mustard vinaigrette.

What are some of your comfort foods?
Noodles! Or any kind of noodle soup really.

What defines comfort for you?
Something that makes me feel at home, and which I can find home in.

Describe your sense of style:
I’ve been wearing sneakers a lot recently, so anything that goes well with them. I’ve also been focusing a lot of basics lately, and anything that works when I’m feeling lazy, like one-piece dresses.

What’s an interesting travel experience you’ve had?
I recently returned from Tokyo. I liked visiting Shimokitazawa, which is an area where there are lots of stores selling secondhand clothing.

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