UNIFORM x ACRE: Patches — Poise And Pose


Hui Lian










What are your comfort foods?
Popiahang ku kueh and iced yuan yang (mixed milk coffee and tea).

What does comfort mean to you?
Comfort to me is just staying at home. Given that my schedule keeps me busy and out and about most days, I do like just being able to stay home and relax. Doing chores is also a way to destress for me.

What has changed since we last met you?
Lots—I’m still working in the same company, but I’m now a part-time yoga teacher, and I’m tutoring students at the National University of Singapore.

What made you decide to teach yoga?
I started practicing yoga as a way to destress from my regular work as an architect, but then I decided to take a sabbatical to get my yoga teacher qualification.

Do you have any tips for people who want to start practicing yoga, or are afraid to?
Make a decision to start, and just follow through. Everyone has different body types, so practicing isn’t as easy for everyone, but it starts with you making the decision to begin.

What inspires you to keep at what you do, day in and day out?
What makes architecture rewarding is that there is a clear end point, and a tangible product to look forward to when you complete a project.

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