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Tracy describes her style as quirky, eclectic, and joyful, and although she took the lead from her Anna Sui tote bag and went with a black and floral theme for her look today, the little Care Bear in her bag reflects her true upbeat nature. “It reminds me of all the people I love, and of the energy we want to put out into the world,” she says. Beyond this unexpected toy, Tracy also carries around a pair of sunglasses for our sunny climate, as well as her trusty notebook, saying she prefers to write rather than type whenever inspiration strikes. With her megawatt smile and radio-friendly voice, Tracy is a familiar figure in Singapore’s lifestyle scene, and runs her own creative agency and consultancy, Present Purpose. She says that her job allows her to work with similarly creative people to make things happen. “My work and downtime have always overlapped,” she says. “I’m not always sure it’s a good thing, but it’s just how it is and it’s the nature of working in lifestyle and culture. It means I get to see my friends more often, though, as my work can often involve them attending or getting involved.” Although Tracy spent some of her childhood in Australia, she now firmly counts Singapore as home. “Anyone can belong here because of our multi-racial heritage,” she says. “And the sense of security I feel as a woman, being able to do the things I want to do, go where I want to go, at any time of the day — you can’t say that about a lot of cities. We’ve also made our presence felt globally even though we’re tiny in size.” For now, Tracy says that she knows that life is short, and this drives her to want to experience as much as possible, and be able to share what she learns with others. “I’m trying to practice mindfulness, listen more, and trust my own inner voice,” she says. “It’s our most authentic teacher.”

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This is a Shentonista project for UOB Cards, in collaboration with Anna Sui.

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