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Rebecca is a ball of energy on set, lifting everyone’s spirits with her mischievous antics and catalogue of funny facial expressions. She rocks the shoot in a quintessential off-duty-model look. “I like simple, rugged things. I don’t like to be so dressed up all the time. The things I’m wearing now are all staples, and they’ll never go out of style.” It’s clear that practicality ranks high for Rebecca: her everyday essentials include her phone and wallet, for obvious reasons, as well as a pair of headphones. “I love music, and I’m always plugged in when I’m riding on my kick-scooter. It’s my little bit of exercise and my way of doing a little something for the environment.” The relaxed outfit lets the purple prints on her Anna Sui tote bag stand out all the more, and reflects a less well-known part of Rebecca’s persona — she’s actually a fan of interior design and DIY. “I’m quite hands on,” she says. “I like building things. I actually did a short course in interior design in Singapore, and I’ve worked on some projects.” This might seem like a far cry from the glamorous model that we see more often, but seeing Rebecca’s boundless liveliness in person, it’s easy to reconcile the two different facets of her personality. She does love her modelling job — “I like that I get to travel a lot, and meet all kinds of amazing people” — but also misses her family when she’s away. “I’m away for only short periods at a time, but I’m very close to my family.” She wears a locket that holds a photo of her father, and says she cherishes the time she gets to spend here with her family. Each times she travels, she’s also reminded of why she calls Singapore home. “It’s always evolving, and ever-changing. It’s always safe, and always clean and green despite the fact that it’s really a city.” When it comes to life, Rebecca has a simple philosophy. “As long as you don’t harm anybody along the way, you only have one life,” she says. “Live it well.”

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This is a Shentonista project for UOB Cards, in collaboration with Anna Sui.

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