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Can you tell us about your  WNAH grooming experience? 

It was really enjoyable- comfortable and fun, with really cool guys who know what they are doing.

What did you like about it? 

The attentive service and laid-back environment.

Is this your first time to a professional grooming salon? 

No. Have visited the ones in London before.

What do feel is different about WNAH as opposed to other barbers/ your usual barber? 

It is definitely very relaxing and slower paced, with ample time to ease into the environment, have a drink and chat with the barbers.

Will you return to WNAH? 

Without a doubt.

How was the personal styling and shoot experience with Shentonista? 

It was fun and great, no complaints, except the sweltering heat!

Is this your first experience at the Club Monaco store? What’s your impression of the brand?

Yes. I think the clothes are of really good quality. They are not really my style, but I would definitely recommend them to other friends.

What’s your favourite thing about your outfit from Club Monaco?

My favourite pieces are the shirt and jacket I was wearing.

We know you’re a bartender- what do you enjoy most about this job?

I love meeting new people in fun settings.

What is your favourite drink? 

It depends on the occasion, who I am with and the particular moment. For others, I am always up to make a good dirty martini.

What kinds of ingredients do you wish to explore in your drinks? 

I hope to explore fresh ingredients such as fruits and even flowers.

What kind of drink would you concoct for the ‘We Need A Hero’ man? 

I would recommend an old fashioned kind of drink- like bourbon whiskey, with cognac and creme de menthe. Or a Stinger, a cocktail made of whiskey, brown sugar, maraschino cherries and Angostura bitters.

Who would be a hero for you? 

This is a tough question. I would say I strive to be a hero to myself.

Visit We Need A Hero here, and join their Facebook page hereFor more on Club Monaco, go here.

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