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Han Wei
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Club Monaco


Club Monaco


Club Monaco


Club Monaco


Club Monaco






Can you tell us about your WNAH grooming experience? 

Very professional and polished service. The barbers were very well spoken and helpful. They asked me a lot of my preferences of what I was looking for, with some suggestions.

What did you like/dislike about it? 

Nothing. I was happy with the overall experience.

Is this your first time to a professional grooming salon? 


What do feel is different about WNAH as opposed to other barbers/ your usual barber? 

My usual hairstylist already knows exactly what I want, but going to WNAH is a different type of experience. It is going back to the traditional, old school form of the barbershop, yet updated with a modern sensibility – which was quite refreshing.

Will you return to WNAH? 

Most definitely.

How was the personal styling and shoot experience with Shentonista?

It was a really good and comfortable experience. The styling was catered to my needs but yet made me explore some new wardrobe options that I would never have considered, which was a interesting experience.

Is this your first experience at the Club Monaco store? What’s your impression of the brand?

Yes. The impression was that the store evokes a very strong brand identity and style.

What’s your favourite thing about your outfit from Club Monaco? 

I liked the vest a lot, and also the fine detailing in the shirt I chose. Really a brand, I would definitely wear in future.

Who are your favourite designers/ architects and why? 

Tadao Ando, a Japanese minimalist architect. I was in one of his buildings called “Church on Water” in Tomamu, Sapporo up in the mountains when I was much younger. I’m amazed by the simplicity and how the light was reflected off the water and illuminated the space. It was like the ethereal light of God. Ando was never trained as an architect but is foremost, a skilled craftsman. He inspired me to pursue design & architecture as a career.

What do you like to get up to during weekends? 

For weekends, I enjoy my “me” time very much- mostly at home working on my projects or out at museums to catch the latest exhibitions. I also like to take it slow by chilling at a good gourmet coffee place and catching up with my friends.

What do you feel is the most important grooming for a man?

The most important grooming should be to look clean & smell good. Especially after a sharp haircut or shave.

What is a wardrobe essential for you? 

I can’t do without a casual oxford shirt & bermudas on Sundays out having coffee or brunch

Who would be a hero for you? 

He would be Bradley Cooper as he has a sense of style that is very real & relatable to the average Joe. Yet, he manages to always look sharp, but underscored with a casual, laidback tone.

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